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Sara Bareilles recovers from COVID-19, says she’s ‘grateful for every easy breath’

The singer revealed on Thursday that she had COVID-19 but has now recovered

FILE - In this Dec. 6, 2015 file photo, Sara Bareilles attends the 38th Annual Kennedy Center Honors in Washington.
Sara Bareilles attends the 38th Annual Kennedy Center Honors in Washington on Dec. 6, 2015.
Greg Allen/Invision via Associated Press

While taking a walk and recording an Instagram Story for her nearly 700,000 Instagram followers, Sara Bareilles casually dropped an information bomb.

“I had it, just so you know,” she said, speaking of the COVID-19 virus. “I’m fully recovered.”

While Instagram Stories are automatically deleted after 24 hours, Billboard reports one fan was able to capture and post the footage of the 40-year-old singer’s announcement.

In a later post the singer clarified that she had a “very mild case” of the virus and that despite a “couple of rough days” she was “totally fine.”

Bareilles announced that due to coronavirus she would be ending her Broadway run starring in the musical she wrote, “Waitress,” on March 13, shortly before all of Broadway went dark, Yahoo! News reports.

The singer’s “Waitress” co-star, Gavin Creel, told Rosie O’Donnell during the one-night return of “The Rosie O’Donnell Show” that he had experienced COVID-19 symptoms, along with other members of the “Waitress” cast, according to USA Today.