“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” had a number of twists — from Kylo Ren joining the light side again and becoming Ben Solo to Rey being revealed as a Palpatine.

One of the film’s twist was created before the sequel trilogy started.

What happened:

  • The new book “The Art of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” released details about a group creative meeting in May 2014, where writers discussed what would happen in the forthcoming sequel trilogy.
  • Writer Pablo Hidalgo said in the book that he imagined Rey becoming a Skywalker even if it was by name only, according to ScreenRant.
  • Hidalgo said: “I like the idea that she’s going to be our Skywalker, but she’s not a Skywalker. Then, for our purposes, ‘the Skywalker’ is really a metaphor. It doesn’t have to be something that’s directly connected to blood.”
  • This would mean that the entire sequel trilogy aimed to end at a place where Rey was a Skywalker, even if she wasn’t technically related to the Skywalker family.

‘Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker’ had a lot of rewrites

As I wrote for the Deseret News, “Rise of Skywalker” writer Chris Terrio said in the same book that he never had rewrite the film as many times as he did for “Rise of Skywalker.”

“I’ve never rewritten a film as much as this one. It’s like a tide. There’s a new script every morning. But we just keep going at it and going at it, loosely thinking that it’s not good enough. It’s never good enough.

“Luckily, the production team is so good that they can shift and adjust. We’re course-correcting as we go — we’re trying things, and some things don’t work and some things aren’t ambitious enough. Some things are overly ambitious. Some things are too dense. Some things are too simple. Some things are too nostalgic. Some things are too out-of-left-field. We’re finding our balance.”