“Thanks a Million” focuses on a group of celebrities who offer people $100,000 because of the way they were helped. From there, the recipient has to give someone else half of that money. It’s a show centered all around gratitude, giving and showing appreciation for others.

The first three episodes work in a number of ways. For one, it presents a lot of positivity. Unlike other beneficial shows, this one is filled with double the gratitude. Someone receives money from a celebrity and then has to pass it on to someone else. It’s all about spreading love and gratitude, and that is something which shouldn’t be ignored. Jennifer Lopez says in the opening episode, “it’s a chain of gratitude.”

“Thanks a Million” works, too, because it cuts out the fat of similar shows we’ve seen in the past. HGTV or TLC might take a similar concept and spread it out over 30 minutes to an hour where we learn about someone’s life. But “Thanks a Million” episodes cut it down to the bones. Each episode focuses on a single recipient. It’s a beautiful way to tell a story like this.

And it’s a cool look inside the life of how a celebrity gives back to people. We spend a little more time with celebs — like Kevin Hart, Jennifer Lopez and Kristen Bell — that we don’t normally see.