Kristen Bell’s struggles with home schooling have been well-documented. But it seems her experience is turning a corner.

Bell told People magazine in a recent interview that home schooling has improved since she and her husband, Dax Shepard, have avoided academic schedules in favor of making their own plans.

“I said if the plan is making everyone miserable, the lesson is to pivot. Pivot, right?” she said. “We are using a combination of a few different online teaching techniques. One where their teachers can upload videos, and they are splitting the work among the entire grade of teachers, which is kind of genius.”

She said she changed the schedule to include more physical activity.

“I’m trying to finish all the schoolwork if we can,” she says. “Really, the priorities are: one thing for your brain, one thing for your body. That’s a way better schedule than whatever color-coded nonsense I tried to instill.”

And she said she’s doing more of the work when it comes to at-home lessons.

“I’ve been doing the math, shockingly. But, by the way, we’re at first grade math so I’m not bragging here, OK?” she said. “We’re counting in tens and stuff, which I can handle. I have never been so grateful that I waited to have children, so I don’t have a fifth grader in my life right now.”

The backstory:

  • In May, Bell talked about the dangers of home schooling in the fifth season premiere of “#Momsplaining,” a web series she hosts online. She said called her experience with home schooling “absolutely miserable,” as I wrote for the Deseret News.
  • “Of course, we’ve all come to know the two worst words in the human language: Home schooling. Doing school work with them, it is absolutely miserable. When we started this quarantine, the first math worksheet I gave my daughter, in all the answer lines she wrote, ‘No. No. No. No. No.’“
  • She added, “There are a few people that have come out victorious in this situation though. Germaphobes, stay-at-home moms, they’re all like, ‘I told you how (expletive) hard this is.’“