Star Wars: Dark Legends” is the next “Star Wars” book that will be released in stores, and it will tell spooky stories from the galaxy far, far away.

What’s happening:

  • Star Wars: Dark Legends” is a collection of fables from the “Star Wars” universe.
  • The book is filled with “horror-tinged, in-world collection of six frightful Star Wars tales and ghost stories would have certainly kept little Luke and Leia up long past bedtime with stories of intergalactic creatures and sinister beasts,” according to SyFy Wire.
  • The book uses characters from the entire “Star Wars” galaxy, including the new Galaxy’s Edge experience at Disney World and Disneyland.
  • Writer George Mann told SyFy Wire: “Dark Legends is a collection of spooky myths and legends from the deepest, darkest corners of the Star Wars universe. From Sith Lords to Nightsisters, from hauntings to terrible transformations, we explore the the dark side of the Force in its many different facets. The stories are told in the form of classic fireside ghost stories, cautionary bedtime tales and dark fairytales. They should send chills down your spines, but hopefully they’re a lot of fun to read too!”
  • “There are already so many perfect characters and situations in the “Star Wars” universe that lend themselves to a darker spin, and the thing about fables like this is there’s always a twist in the tale,” he said. ”Characters get their comeuppance. People who dabble in the dark side get more than they bargained for. Boogeymen really do exist. To be honest, I could have kept going for another book’s worth I was enjoying it so much.”

Extra details released a preview of the book, revealing the following details:

  • One of the stories has a connection to the cantina scene in “A New Hope.”
  • One story takes place on Exegol, the location seen in “The Rise of Skywalker.”
  • Darth Vader appears to be a character in one of the stories.