The only standing Blockbuster rental store will be hosting an end of summer sleepover event through Airbnb, the two companies announced Tuesday.

Residents in Bend, Oregon — home of the final Blockbuster — can register for a sleepover inside the final Blockbuster through an AirBnb event.

The sleepover costs $4 per night.

“When you call dibs on this stay, you’re booking a night back in the 90s, but this time you won’t have to beg your parents to rent the latest horror flick–we’ll give you the keys to the entire store!” reads the Airbnb page.

Starting Aug. 17, people can book one of three one-night stays that will take place on Sept. 18, Sept. 19 and Sept. 20.

People can book the location for up to four people.

So what about the whole pandemic thing? Airbnb said it will clean the location before anyone arrives. And the event will provide face coverings, disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer.

“And remember, the store is all yours for the night! So let loose, blast the boombox and wear your favorite ‘90s denim so that you feel right at home in another era,” the rental page reads.

Blockbuster previously operated more than 9,000 stores nationwide. Now, it is down to just one in Bend, Oregon.

Blockbuster tried to combat the rise of the streaming service Netflix back in 2007. Blockbuster offered lower-priced rental plans with the belief the company could grow more than 40%, but it didn’t work out.