A new deepfake video has replaced Harrison Ford for Alden Ehrenreich in “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” showing that the casting did a really good job for the prequel.

What’s happening:

  • YouTuber Shamook released a new video that replaces Ford’s face on Ehrenreich’s body, bringing Harrison Ford right into “Solo: A Star Wars Story.”
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  • It’s wild to see Ford — who starred as Solo in “A New Hope” back in 1977 — appear in the updated “Solo” film.
  • However, the video does not replace Ehrenreich’s voice so it’s a little offputting to see Ford’s face with Ehrenreich’s voice.
  • The video shows how close Ford and Ehrenreich look. Of course, Ehrenreich was designed to look like Ford’s Solo.
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The bigger picture:

  • As CNET explains, the video is a sign of how far deepfake technology has developed in recent years. In fact, someone tried to add Harrison Ford into “Solo” back in 2018 but it doesn’t really measure up to the new film.
  • “Deepfakes like this are becoming all the more common.”