Olivia Wilde has been tapped to direct a new untitled female-centered Marvel film for Sony, according to Deadline.

  • The film will reportedly surrounded Spider-Woman.

Wilde will reportedly direct the film with Katie Silberman with Amy Pascal producing. Rachel O’Connor will serve as executive producer on the project.

  • Deadline said: “The project has been a high priority since the top of the year and Wilde came close to passing on it as her dance card has begun to fill up quite quickly. At the end of the day, the idea of having a chance to launch her own female superhero was too hard to pass up, and she eventually came around to fully committing to the project.”
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Who is Spider-Woman?

  • Spider-Woman has had a long run in the Marvel comics. Her identify has shifted over the years from Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson and Jessica Drew. We’ve seen different versions of Stacy and Watson in the “Spider-Man” movies, but Drew has never appeared prominently.
  • It’s unclear if Wilde will tap one of those women for the role or if they’ll add someone else into the mix.
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Bigger picture:

  • Sony is leaning into developing more female-centered superhero films. The company announced it plans to have films for Madame Web, Black Cat and Silver Sable.
  • The move makes sense since Sony has had a hold on the Spider-Man franchise — including the recent Tom Holland “Spider-Man” films and the “Venom” flicks, along with “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” It makes sense for them to take this next step into the Spider-Man universe.