Andrew Yang and Julia Louis-Dreyfus had a brief back-and-forth during the Democratic National Convention that roasted Vice President Mike Pence.

What happened:

Yang delivered the opening speech on the fourth night of the Democratic National Convention, talking about the importance of setting up the country for future generations.

After his speech, Yang introduced Louis-Dreyfus and the two had a brief conversation.

  • Louis-Dreyfus: “I cannot wait to see her (Kamala Harris) debate our current Vice President, ‘Meeka Pints.’ Or is it ‘Paints’?”
  • Yang: “It’s pronounced ‘Pahnce,’ I believe.”
  • Louis-Dreyfus: “It’s some kind of weird foreign name.”
  • Yang: “Yeah, not very American sounding.”
  • Louis-Dreyfus: “Yeah that’s what people are saying. Strongly.”

Why it matters:

  • The debate referenced the ongoing issue where people mispronounced Kamala Harris’ name.