Mountain Dew will release its new VooDew mystery flavor drink for the second year in a row, and people are already trying to figure out what the drink tastes like.

What’s going on?

Last year, Mountain Dew released a new drink called VooDew Halloween, which was packed with a mystery flavor.

  • Per, customers believed the drink tasted like Skittles. It was later revealed to be candy corn.

Earlier this week, @CandyHunting confirmed the drink has returned to store shelves with a new flavor — and they’re calling the drink VooDew2.

“This flavor is different from the VooDew mystery flavor last year, which was revealed to be candy corn (even though it tasted like a bag of Skittles). Considering the flavor last year matched the colors on the label, I wonder if the flavor this year will be candy apple. The release date hasn’t been announced yet, but I’m betting on it being next month.” — @CandyHunting

What is the VooDew 2 flavor?

  • There’s some discussion about the flavor already. Some theories suggest the drink has a sour twist and might be caramel apple or green apple. There’s another theory that it could be rainbow sherbet.