Editor’s note: This story originally published on Aug. 7, 2020. It has been updated.

Jan. 30 marks Phil Collins’ 72nd birthday.

In honor of the musician’s birthday, here’s a look back at the time twins Tim and Fred Williams discovered Collins’ music for the first time. As of Jan. 30, the YouTube video has nearly 10 million views.

Tim and Fred Williams discover Phil Collins

It’s an exciting feeling to learn about a musician or hear a song you like for the first time, and 21-year-old twins from Gary, Indiana, are reminding people of that thrill with their YouTube series, “First Time Hearing.” 

Tim and Fred Williams grew up listening to rappers like Twista and Lil Wayne, but Tim Williams thought it would be a good idea to broaden their musical horizons, the Deseret News previously reported.

“We wanted to start a new trend to appreciate old music,” he said, according to People magazine. “We’re open to all genres. We also want to bring people together because there’s no color to music.”

These twins have gone viral for listening to classic songs for the first time

So the twins created a makeshift studio in Tim William’s bedroom. They sit in chairs they bought on eBay, put on their headsets and play classic songs they’ve never heard before, according to People. And they film their reactions.

They’ve been impressed with the storytelling quality of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” Janis Joplin’s raspy vocals on “Piece of My Heart” and, in a video that trended on Twitter, the unexpected, explosive drum entrance in Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight.” 

The twins couldn’t believe what they had just heard. 

“That was cool how he did that! I ain’t gonna lie Phil, you got me on that one.” 

“I ain’t never seen nobody drop a beat three minutes in a song.”

The reaction video was a big hit on Twitter. 

“Watching this is a great way to start your day. I promise,” one user wrote. 

“If you get too down and cynical today ... just realize that Phil Collins is trending because two teenagers filmed themselves discovering the drum break on ‘In the Air Tonight’ for the first time and there is plenty of good in the world. Carry on,” another user wrote.

For the twins, music has been an escape of sorts, as family members have struggled with drug addiction and their mom served time in prison, according to People. The twins’ mom, Tiffany King-Richardson — who has been out of prison and off drugs for 11 years — said she’s “so proud” of her sons.

“From my own experiences, I’ve taught Tim and Fred how important it is to have a voice,” she told People. “I want them to do something in life that they love, and that’s music.”