Disney teased this week the return of the iconic Main Street Electrical Parade.

Disney released new video footage Tuesday that shows an illuminated float with the parade’s signature soundtrack playing behind it.

  • The words “to be continued” followed right after.
  • There weren’t any other details provided.
  • No date was given about the parade’s potential return, either.

The Main Street Electrical Parade made its debut at Disneyland in June 1972, showing off a parade with lit-up floats and its signature electronic-music soundtrack, per WAVY. However, the event was stopped in 1996. It will occasionally return at different parks.

  • For example, it lasted for nine years at California Adventure and had a brief run at the Walt Disney World resort before having a limited run at Disneyland, according to Disney Parks.

The parade will likely return in 2022 for the park’s 50th anniversary, per WAVY.