Orange County, Florida, Mayor Jerry Demings said Thursday that the county will lift its COVID-19 state of emergency, paving the way for fewer restrictions in the same count as Disney World.

Demings said those who got the COVID-19 vaccine helped bring down COVID-19 case numbers, which led to the dropped state of emergency, per The Orlando Sentinel.

  • “Thankfully, due to the high number of vaccinated residents and wearing of masks and other safety measures, our numbers have plummeted,” he said. “This last wave of COVID cases that begin in late June made for an extremely challenging time for everyone, especially hospitals and emergency officials.”
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The state of emergency — which had been signed by Demings — required county employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine. He also urged people to wear masks indoors.

  • “We increased the rate of vaccinations within our community, where we had plateaued,” Demings said. “If we had continued to do the same things, I don’t think we’d be where we are today.”

Could the change for Orange County mean there’s a change in store for Disney World? It’s unclear since Walt Disney World has had certain masks rules for about an entire year that were unrelated to the county’s state of emergency.

Right now, Disney Parks still has specific guidelines and recommendations for those who visit Walt Disney World. For example, face coverings are still required indoors, including at all indoor attractions and queues, as well as enclosed transportation.