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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: ‘Turkey Day’ guide

Learn about recipes, rewards, and more

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Villagers in “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.”

Villagers gather together in a screenshot from “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.”


Animal Crossing: New Horizon gives users a chance to celebrate holidays throughout the year. You can experience unique gameplay with themed music that you can’t find on the game any other day.

The game’s version of Thanksgiving Day is called “Turkey Day” filled with new recipes, ingredients and rewards.

Last year, “Turkey Day” rolled out on Nov. 26 from 9 a.m. until midnight, according to Nintendo. This year, the event will take place on Thanksgiving Day, which is Nov. 25.

Want to make the best use of “Turkey Day” in the video game? Here is your guide to navigating through Thanksgiving DIY recipes, secret ingredients and rewards.

Where is Franklin the Turkey?

Franklin the Turkey is a chef who gives rewards in exchange for ingredients that you will find. He will be outside the Resident Services with his cooking table, per the NintendoLife. Don’t be surprised if you see festive tables and decorations for villagers — who will be in festive hats, holding drinks and plates, celebrating the holiday with you.

Franklin will be preparing a feast and will try to recruit you as his assistant. If you want to make the best out of “Turkey Day,” then say yes to this adventure.

What to do during Turkey Day:

Franklin will cook four dishes for Turkey Day, including:

  • Clam chowder.
  • Pumpkin pie.
  • Gratin.
  • Fish meuniere.

Each meal will have its own specific ingredients that you have to find in the game. All the ingredients can be found on the island or by fulfilling villagers’ requests, per Game8.

How to gather ingredients on Turkey Day

According to NintendoLife, each recipe requires four items — three main ones and one secret one.

The main ingredients will be easy to find, but the secret one will be alluded to. If you are having trouble collecting certain ingredients, you can trade fish with villagers inside their homes, per the guide. You can also uncover hints about the secret ingredients this way.

What to do with your cookbook

Once you have all the ingredients, bring them to Franklin to earn your reward. You can get more rewards if you guess the right secret ingredients and bring them to your chef, according to Tom’s Guide.

Here are the recipes Frankin used last year. Nintendo may introduce new ones this year:

  • Clam chowder — three manila clams and one secret ingredient scallop .
  • Pumpkin pie — two pumpkins and two secret ingredient pumpkins of alternate color.
  • Gratin (Northern Hemisphere) — one mussel, one mushroom or oyster and one secret ingredient Dungeness crab.
  • Gratin (Southern Hemisphere) — one squid, one sea urchin and one secret ingredient Dungeness crab.
  • Fish meunière (Northern Hemisphere) — one sea bass, one dab, olive flounder or red snapper and one secret ingredient barred knifejaw.
  • Fish Meunière (Southern Hemisphere) — one sea bass, one olive flounder or red snapper and one secret ingredient barred knifejaw.

More Turkey Day rewards

Rewards range from rugs and chairs to wallpapers and even a hearth. You can win up to four items for finishing Franklin’s recipes. If you guess the ingredients, you can win up to four additional rewards, per NintendoLife.

If you miss out on any rewards, you can buy them at Nook’s Cranny, which will sell the Cozy Turkey Day DIY collection the next day.