NBA 2K22’s MyTeam mode has added a new set of Domination challenges.

  • Domination games challenge gamers to play against all 30 NBA teams — along with three all-star teams — to earn rewards.
  • Most of the rewards are tokens that players can spend in-game on rewards, or new players that gamers can use when competing.

Is there a new Domination mode for MyTeam Season 3?

NBA 2K22 announced that the third season of MyTeam will bring a new Domination mode about midseason with the Pink Diamond reward as the prize for completing the set of challenges.

  • Per 2K’s blog: “Similar to last year, you will NOT need to complete the Current, All-Time, and NBA 75 Dominations to compete in this fourth set of 33 games.”

Season 3 Domination set rewards:

On Wednesday, NBA 2K released the new set of Domination challenges, which can earn you a Pink Diamond Manu Ginobili card.

  • The mode is packed with tokens and new badges that you can earn, too.
  • You can compete on pro, all-star or superstar difficult to complete these challenges. Winning the entire mode requires earning 99 stars, which can only be done by winning on superstar mode.

Rumors of Season 3 Domination

It was unclear when the Domination set would drop as of Tuesday. The MyTeam community generally thought Domination would drop before Christmastime. But some suggested it would make sense for the mode to drop after Christmas since so many fans pick up the game on Christmas Day as gifts.

A source with knowledge of NBA 2K22 told me Tuesday that no official date for the new Domination set would be announced. This was not an official statement from NBA 2K.

  • “We don’t give specific dates for these adds into the game because if it’s held up for some reason, we don’t want to upset our fans that are waiting on a specific day,” the source said. “So officially, to get the latest on the upcoming Domination tier, please stay tuned to the NBA 2K MyTeam Twitter.”