Sony has decided to take its marketing for the next “Spider-Man” film to the next level — and it might have revealed a potential new villain for the next film in doing so.

What happened?

Sony created an Instagram account to help market the upcoming “Spider-Man 3” — the last film in the Tom Holland Spider-Man trilogy.

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On Monday, the account added a poll to its Instagram story that showed off Betty and Ned — two characters seen from the films. But Ned had an orange cap on his head, and that instantly created speculation about a notorious Spider-Man villain — the Hobgoblin.

  • In fact, the “drawing that most would assume could be a nod to the character’s (very, very brief) time as the high-flying villain,” according to

Who is the Hobgoblin?

The Hobgoblin is a major Marvel villain who has been played by multiple people over the years. The character is essentially like the Green Goblin — who rides on flying device and throws bombs at people — but with a dash of The Joker, playing pranks and acting more silly than traditional villains.

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Wait, did Ned play the Hobgoblin?

Indeed. Edward “Ned” Leeds played the Hobgoblin in the Marvel comics. He was brainwashed by fashion designer Roderick Kingsley — the original Hobgoblin — into taking on the role. He was later killed. However, the character Jackal revived Ned and cured him of the brainwashing issue, according to Marvel Fandom.

Is this believable?

The entire Flash Thompson account is built for viral marketing, so it’s not surprising this easter egg worked its way into the account. Take the information with a grain of salt and wait until official confirmation.