Michael Strahan told his “Good Morning America” co-workers about his experience with COVID-19 so far after his diagnosis, according to USA Today.

What happened:

Strahan released a video message on Wednesday in which he described what he went through with COVID-19.

  • “Just want to say thank you to everybody for your well wishes, and thank you for everyone who reached out and sent me the get-well wishes and all the advice on how to feel better,” he said. “I just want to let you know that I do feel a lot better and I’m just thankful to be on the side of it that I am.”
  • “I’m doing well,” Strahan said in the video message.
  • “You don’t want COVID” or to “go through everything that it brings with it.” 
  • “Wear your mask, wash your hands, use your wipes,” Strahan said. “I did all those things, but it just goes to show me that it takes more than just you as an individual. Everybody has to do it so that we help out each other, because it’s more than just about you. It’s about the people you’re around and your fellow human beings.” 
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“Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts revealed Strahan had been diagnosed with COVID-19, per The Hill. He was then sent into quarantine to recover from the virus.