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‘Jurassic Park’ legend Sam Neill says Chris Pratt taught him how to be an action star

Sam Neill dished new details on what’s to come in ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’

Chris Pratt Stars as Owen in “Jurassic World.” Sam Neill said Chris Pratt taught him how to be a good action star.
Chris Pratt stars as Owen in “Jurassic World.” Sam Neill said Chris Pratt taught him how to be a good action star.

“Jurassic Park” legend Sam Neill — he played Alan Grant in the first and third films — recently said that Chris Pratt taught him how to be an action star.

What happened?

Neill told Rotten Tomatoes that his return to the “Jurassic Park” franchise — he is slated to return in “Jurassic World: Dominion” — meant he got to work with actor Chris Pratt, who has become the main character for the franchise.

Neill said he learned a lot about how to be an action star. He said he didn’t know enough about it when he was the lead man in “Jurassic Park III.”

  • “But, actually, when you’ve got an action movie, there’s a different job description. Chris Pratt — I spoke to him at length about this — he’s very good at it, and he’s really considered it and worked out what you need to do. And I hadn’t really worked out how to do that until I got to number three, but I think I’m actually better in the third one.”

Neill said the third “Jurassic Park” film is often underrated — save for the ending.

  • “I don’t think it ends so well; it ends in a hurry. But I agree. I think it comes in for quite a bit of criticism and that it’s dismissed too easily. I think it’s actually, apart from that last 10 minutes, I think it’s actually really pretty ... good.”

More from the set

Neill recently told Entertainment Tonight that Jeff Goldblum, who is also slated to return in the new “Jurassic World” film as Ian Malcolm, drove people crazy on scene.

  • “Jeff would come to work with about 50 suggestions that drive us crazy every day, god bless him. I love Jeff, but boy, does he have a lot of ideas!”

One more thing

“Jurassic World: Dominion” director Collin Treverrow told Entertainment Weekly that the upcoming film will wrap up the entire franchise.

“When you got to the end of the Jurassic Park trilogy, it may not have been as clear in what the complete story of those three movies was because they were a bit more episodic in the way that they were approached. But this trilogy is not that way. It’s very much a serialized story. What was important for me was, when you watch Dominion, you really feel like you are learning how much of a story that first set of movies was and how everything that happened in those movies actually informs what ultimately is able to happen in this. If kids who are born today are going to be presented with six Jurassic Park movies — you hope the parents will buy them the box set — you hope they are going to get to feel like they watch one long story.”