The VidAngel founders have launched the new Angel Studios, a company that will empower creators to partner with ‘angel’ investors to select, fund and distribute shows,” the company announced Tuesday.

Angel Studios will roll out “a $5 million regulation crowdfunding offering to fund new technology that will put the power of television into the hands of the people who are actually watching it,” the company said in a release.

  • Neal Harmon, CEO of Angel Studios, said in a release: “We are building a film studio platform that helps creators and viewers create high-quality TV and film without having to answer to the Hollywood gatekeepers.”

Here’s how it works: Angel Studios is a crowdfunded movie studio that allows investors to choose which titles are chosen, funded and distributed from the company.

Angel Funding — which is an affiliate of Angel Studios — currently has more than 30,000 investors on the platform, the company said.

More notes to remember

Per Angel Studios, the VidAngel company was renamed to Angel Studios. was sold to VidAngel Entertainment, which will focus on the filtering side of things.

Angel Studios’ projects include:

  • “The Chosen” — a religious television series.
  • “Dry Bar Comedy” — a standup comedy brand.
  • “The Tuttle Twins” — animated kids show.
  • “Freelancers” — a show with the original Studio C cast.