Katherine Schwarzenegger recently revealed why she and husband Chris Pratt don’t post pictures of their daughter on social media.

Why you can’t find photos of Chris Pratt’s daughter

Schwarzenegger said in Tuesday with the “Today” show that she and Chris Pratt wanted to give their daughter “the gift of privacy” when it came to social media.

  • “I didn’t grow up with social media being a thing at all, so it’s a little bit different in that way just because I feel like we share so much in today’s world,” she told “Today.” “But I think one of the greatest gifts that my parents ever gave me and my siblings is the gift of privacy and having a really normal upbringing, or as normal of an upbringing as possible.”
  • “It’s something that’s really important to my husband and I to be able to give to our kids,” she said, according to BuzzFeed News. “To be able to have that privacy, and not necessarily show as much of them on social media.”
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Chris Pratt has posted one photo

In August 2020, Pratt posted a photo of his baby daughter, Lyla Maria Schwarzenegger Pratt. It merely shows the baby’s hand, as I wrote for the Deseret News.

  • “We are beyond thrilled to announce the birth of our daughter,” Pratt wrote on Instagram. “We couldn’t be happier. Both mom and baby are doing great. We are extremely blessed.”
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Chris Pratt faces social media problems.

  • It might be a good move for the family to keep their daughter off of social media. Pratt has been the target of social media distaste and cancellation in recent months, as I’ve written about for the Deseret News. Much of the social media backlash came because people thought he supported former President Donald Trump, which led to discussions about Pratt’s Christian faith and the church he attends.