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The Lego World Map: What we know about the largest set of Legos ever

The Lego World Map — which is the toy brick company’s largest project — has nearly 12,000 pieces and will be more than 2 feet by 3 feet once finished

The Lego World Map, which will be the toy brick company’s largest project, was announced on May 25, 2021.
The Lego World Map, which will be the toy brick company’s largest project, was announced on May 25, 2021.

What’s multicolored, has nearly 12,000 tiny pieces and perhaps a year late for the bored and stuck-at-home crowd? Lego’s soon-to-be released World Map.

And at 11,695 pieces — most of which are single-stud — the World Map is the toy brickmaker’s largest set.

“We know that our adult fans love to travel, but many haven’t been able to do so for over a year now,” said creative lead for Lego Art Fiorella Grove in a press release announcing the map on Tuesday. “We thought that there was no better way of helping explore the world while relaxing in the comfort of their home than by allowing them to build, rebuild, plan and reminisce through building.”

Here’s what we know about the Lego World Map

The massive Lego World Map is scheduled for release on June 1 and will cost $249.99, according to Lego’s official website.

  • Once the thousands of mini bricks are put into place, the World Map will be 26 inches tall by 41 inches wide.
  • Lego has labeled the global projection for ages 18 and older — presumably for it’s complication.
  • When completed, the Earth’s five continents are a solid white, while the oceans — which make most of the planet’s surface — provide color to the map.

“This new addition to the Lego Art collection contains the most pieces ever included in a set in the Lego Group’s history, with its 11,695 elements allowing builders to immerse themselves in creating a stunning representation of the earth from 2D Lego tiles,” according to Lego’s press release.

Make the Earth how you want

According to The Brothers Brick, a Lego fan website that reviewed the World Map before its official release, toy bricklayers have several options on how they put together Lego’s largest project:

  1. Follow the instructions to fill the oceans in with color, making a bathymetric chart of the ocean floor.
  2. Leave the ocean bricks out for a black and white finish.
  3. Use the colored ocean bricks to be creative and design your own Lego-oceanography.

The Brothers Brick said the project took them eight hours to build, with another hour added for setup and framing. In all, a nine hour project for the pros.

“The set’s building instructions show how the 40 interconnecting base plates are divided into three sections for the build that can be arranged in one of three different ways, allowing you to place your favorite part of the world in the center of your map,” Lego added in its press release.