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Mindy Kaling reveals what it was like to give birth during a pandemic

Read what Mindy Kaling had to say about her children

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Mindy Kaling presents the award in Los Angeles.

Mindy Kaling presents the award for best animated feature film at the Oscars on Sunday, Feb. 9, 2020, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

Chris Pizzello, Associated Press

Mindy Kaling recently shared new details about her son.

Mindy Kaling talks about her son, Spencer

Kaling shared a new Instagram photo of her son, Spencer, who was born during the coronavirus pandemic. This is Kaling’s second child after her daughter Kit, according to BuzzFeed News.

  • “Friday was my son Spencer’s first birthday,” Kaling wrote. “My daughter Kit is pretty cautious with new people. Not this guy. If you happen to make eye contact with Spencer, he lights up like you are old war buddies and he makes a beeline to you.”
  • “I had Spencer during Covid and it was a strange isolated time, but the instant I saw him I knew he would make everything better. And he did!”

Interestingly, Kaling has been private about her children and personal life. In fact, she announced that she gave birth to Spencer during a live interview with Stephen Colbert without ever explaining before that she had been pregnant.

How did Mindy Kaling raise her kid during COVID?

Kaling told People magazine back in October 2020 — almost a year ago now — that quarantining with her daughter helped the two bond.

  • “A lot of the stuff I thought was going to drive me crazy about being cooped up with a 2-year-old for seven months has actually bonded us really close together,” she told People magazine.

“The Mindy Project” star said that her support team, which includes her father, Avu, and best friend BJ Novak — has helped her work on new material while raising a family, as I explained for the Deseret News.

  • ″I’m so lucky because I have help. I’m at home all the time, and I don’t want to eat takeout every single night. I have to be a full-time single parent who has to make the money for this household. So it’s been challenging.″