This time of the year is full of award show buzz as fans gear up to cheer on their favorite stars.

But the coronavirus surges have made it impossible to host awards shows with a full seated audience or a red carpet. So, for the second year in a row, these functions are either getting canceled or moving online.

The only awards show to escape this fate is the Oscars, all thanks to the Academy’s forward-thinking that led them to choose a later date in March. Meanwhile, other shows are scrambling to change their format as artists and executives voice concern.

Here’s a list of events and shows that have made changes due to the evolving COVID-19 situation:

Slamdance Film Festival, Jan. 20.

  • Status: In-person portion canceled; online to begin Jan. 27 and run to Feb. 6

Rotterdam Film Festival, Jan. 26.

  • Status: Shifting from in-person to online.

Critics Choice Awards, Jan. 9.

  • Status: Postponed, plans TBD.

Palm Springs International Film Festival and Awards Gala, Jan. 7 through Jan. 17; Jan. 6.

  • Status: Canceled.

BAFTA Tea Party, Jan. 8.

  • Status: Canceled.

Grammy Awards Ceremony, Jan. 31.

  • Status: Postponed, plans TBD.

Sundance Film Festival, Jan. 20-30.

  • Status: Switched from in-person to online only.

Golden Globes, Jan. 9.

  • Status: Short ceremony without red carpet and audience, the event won’t be televised.