Inflation seems to have hit everything from eggs to Halloween costumes. But fret not — there are ways to celebrate this spooky holiday without breaking the bank.

The perfect outfit is not only a conversation starter but a chance to dress up as a fictional or nonfictional person you admire. But rising prices are creating a change in spending habits.

“We’ve noticed more locals are looking to find ways to save money, especially on Halloween costumes; and considering the average costume costs $34, we see why,” Kirk Koenen, director of marketing at Deseret Digital Media, said in an email to the Deseret News.

Blame 9.6% inflation in the state of Utah. And when you add the cost of food, drinks, an event ticket and an outfit, Halloween can prove to be an expensive holiday.

But there are tricks to save money — especially on the costume front. Instead of sourcing the outfits from the mall, why not look into second-hand clothing options?

One goldmine is the classifieds on The site has recently seen an influx in searches for costumes.

“KSL Classifieds has seen a 13% increase in Halloween searches this year alone, and continues to see an uptick in interest for all those last minute shoppers,” Koenen said. “For something that may only be worn once, buying secondhand is a great option for many people, plus it’s sustainable!”

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Facebook Marketplace is another place to find a great costume — anything from a witch to a pirate — for under $10, and sometimes even for free.

Thrift stores like Deseret Industries and Goodwill are also great options, although a trip to the store may not guarantee that you find a head-to-toe costume. In that regard, online stores might be better.

But thrift shops may leave more room for creativity — Want to dress like Adam Sandler? Grab a graphic tee and some long basketball shorts. A ghost? Just find an old white sheet. Catwoman? All you really need is a mask and leather pants.

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