On Tuesday, Angelina Jolie filed a countersuit against Brad Pitt with claims he abused her and their children in 2016, according to The Associated Press. This court filing is part of an ongoing court battle between the pair over a French winery they once owned together.

According to the cross-complaint filed by Jolie, she was negotiating with Pitt to sell her interest in their French winery, Chateau Miraval. Pitt demanded that in exchange for his purchase of Jolie’s interest in Miraval, she sign a nondisclosure agreement that would contractually prevent Jolie from publicly speaking out about Pitt’s 2016 abuse.

Jolie refused to comply with Pitt’s demands, the complaint states.

Jolie and Pitt met in 2003 while filming “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” In 2006, they welcomed their first child together, Shiloh. They did not publicly address their relationship until January 2007. Jolie and Pitt were formally married in 2014 and filed for divorce in 2016. The pair share six kids, three of whom are adopted.

What are the abuse allegations against Brad Pitt?

Jolie claims Pitt displayed abusive behavior toward her and their children during an outburst on a flight in September 2016.

The New York Times reports that Jolie filed charges against Pitt in 2016 after the alleged abuse. The FBI did not proceed with criminal charges. “It was agreed by all parties that criminal charges in this case would not be pursued due to several factors,” the FBI report says, per The Times.

Jolie’s allegations against Pitt are outlined in the cross-complaint filed on Tuesday. According to the cross-complaint papers, Jolie, Pitt and their six children were flying from their winery in France to Los Angeles when Pitt displayed aggressive behavior.

“Pitt’s aggressive behavior started even before the family got to the airport,” the file states, per The Associated Press. “Pitt accused her (Jolie) of being too deferential to the children and verbally attacked her.”

Once on the flight, Pitt’s abuse reportedly escalated. According to the 2016 court filings, reported by The New York Times, Pitt yelled at Jolie in the airplane bathroom and continually shook her and pushed her against a wall. Then, Pitt allegedly punched the bathroom celling numerous times, which prompted Jolie to leave.

The children reportedly wound up in an altercation with Pitt in which he “choked one of the children and struck another in the face,” the cross-complaint files say, per The Associated Press.

Stuck on the airplane, Jolie and the children reportedly sat silently separated from Pitt who “periodically emerged from the back of the plane to yell and swear at them,” as stated in the cross-complaint papers.

Pitt reportedly poured a beer on Jolie and, later on, he poured beer and red wine on the children. Pitt used verbal and physical abuse in an attempt to prevent Jolie and the children from getting off the plane and to a hotel.

Five days later, on Sept. 19, 2016, Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt.

A representative for Pitt “strongly denied” Jolie’s abuse claims and said they are “another rehash that only harms the family,” per NPR.