Britney Spears opened up in an Instagram post earlier this week about the pain she still feels because of her family. Lynne Spears responded to the post in the comments with a public apology.

“I’m sooo sorry for your pain! I have been sorry for years! I love you so much and miss you!” Lynne Spears wrote in response the the post.

Driving the news: Spears was not pleased with her mother’s apology, responding to the comment with strong language.

  • In her original post, Spears said a “genuine apology” would help her recovery and give her closure.
  • “They could at least take responsibility for their actions and actually own up to the fact they hurt me,” the post read.
  • Spears was officially released from a 13-year conservatorship nearly a year ago. During her conservatorship, the pop-star’s medical, financial and personal decisions were all made by her father. Spears has publicly spoken out about the trauma she felt because of the conservatorship.

What they’re saying: Britney Spears fans supported her complaints in the comments on her Instagram post. Fans quickly took her side and agreed that Lynne Spears’ apology did not cut it.

Details: Lynne Spears also posted a longer public explanation for Spears on her own Instagram account.

  • “Britney, your whole life I have tried to support your dreams and wishes,” she wrote. “I have tried everything. I love you so much, but this talk is for you and me only, eye to eye, in private.”
  • In January, Britney Spears’ sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, released a book, “Things I Should Have Said.” She shares her perspective on her sister’s rise to fame. Britney Spears did not give the book her stamp of approval, calling it “scum.”