A new study has revealed Utahns’ favorite reality television show.

Online experts from Jeffbet.com used Google search data to determine what the most popular reality shows were in the state of Utah. According to a press release, “Data was sourced from Google keyword ad planner, analyzing the average search volumes for 56 popular reality TV shows from Oct. 25, 2021, to Oct. 25, 2022.”

According to the press release, the top five reality shows in the state of Utah were:

  1. “Survivor.”
  2. “Shark Tank.”
  3. “Married at First Sight.”
  4. “The Bachelorette.”
  5. “The Bachelor.”

Some might be surprised that “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” didn’t make the list, but other shows on this list have deep Utah ties.

Earlier this year, the Deseret News reported that the youngest contestant on “Survivor” was a Brigham Young University student. Sam Layadi, 19, started competing in the current season of “Survivor” this year. Another Utahn has competed on “Survivor” before: Tyson Apostol in 2010.

“Survivor” is a show where contestants are dropped in an isolated location and are filmed as they try to fend for themselves.

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The brand Kodiak Cakes became popular following its debut in 2014 on “Shark Tank,” per the Deseret News. The brand’s creators, Joel Clark and Cameron Smith, did not make a deal with the investors, but said that the show gave them national exposure and launched their company into popularity. This brand has close Utah ties, with its headquarters located in Park City.

Do Utahns watch more television than other states?

It seems that Utahns are less likely to watch television than other states.

According to television watch time data, Verizon ranked the states that watched the most and the least amount of television.

Utah ranked as the state that watches the least amount of television.