For more than 50 years, KSL has used its charity, Quarters for Christmas, to help children in Utah stay warm through the winter.

Now, KSL Podcasts has launched an original radio drama that brings to life real events and donation stories stemming from the long-running charity.

“The first check I ever wrote was to KSL’s Quarters for Christmas when I was 16 years old,” said Doug Wright, KSL NewsRadio host and narrator of the drama, in a news release. “I know families that have made donating a tradition for generations, and it’s an honor to bring some of their stories to life in a meaningful and creative way that will entertain the whole family.”

What is the KSL radio drama ‘A Pocket Change Christmas’ about?

In “A Pocket Change Christmas,” a bag filled with donated coins spills all over the street in downtown Salt Lake City. Knowing that the money goes toward helping kids in need during the winter season, the drivers attempt to collect all of the change — but they miss three coins, according to a description on As KSL’s original Christmas drama unfolds, listeners discover how those coins are recovered during a snowstorm and still end up making a difference.

“Every year I keep track of every piece of mail that we get for donations for Quarters for Christmas,” Luanne Monson, KSL’s Community Initiative Coordinator, told KSL-TV. “We have books upon books upon books. I love when we can take things that actually happened and share that in a fun Christmas drama.”

The program includes KSL radio talent, an original song from KSL reporter Peter Rosen, numbers from the KSL Carolers and a special performance from the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square.

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How to listen to KSL’s ‘A Pocket Change Christmas’

“A Pocket Change Christmas” will air on KSL NewsRadio Dec. 24 at 3 p.m.

Listeners can also find the 45-minute program on the “Tales of Christmas” podcast series that includes other Christmas shows produced by KSL and KIRO Newsradio, another Bonneville International station based in Seattle, according to the news release.

How to donate to Quarters for Christmas

KSL created “A Pocket Change Christmas” to help raise money for its charity, Quarters for Christmas, which has expanded over the years to include all Salt Lake Bonneville stations.

“Quarters for Christmas has been around as KSL’s only charity for over 53 years, and has helped thousands of kids,” Monson said, per “I have the privilege to see the money on both the fundraising side and the receiving side, and it’s left a lasting impression on me.

“I remember one particular day I was delivering our yearly contribution to Catholic community services and they had just received a few families and teenagers from Nigeria,” Monson continued. “They got off the airplane wearing T-shirts and flip-flops, which were all they had. We put the donation money to good use that very day helping those deserving kids.”

Donations can be made online at or any Deseret Book location, according to the news release.

“We are really proud to do this kind of a podcast,” said Sheryl Worsley, Vice President of Podcasting, in the news release. “It’s a unique way to encourage people to donate and spread a little extra holiday cheer through an inspiring story.”