Dolly Parton is a gift that keeps on giving.

After the singer and songwriter helped fund the first wave of COVID-19 vaccine research, the star has taken on a new venture — her theme parks will now pay for employees to pursue a college degree, according to The Guardian.

Dollywood will pay the entire cost of tuition, fees and books for diploma, degree and certificate programs offered by 30 learning partners under the Grow U program, per The Washington Post.

  • The organization has also pledged to provide partial funding for additional programs in fields like engineering, human resources, hospitality and art design.
  • This perk will be available to employees on their first day of work, whether they are seasonal, part time or full time. The coverage will begin on Feb. 24.

“When our hosts feel appreciated and are given opportunities like this, they feel cared for and they can pass that feeling on to their guests,” Wes Ramey, a spokesman for Dollywood said, per the report.

According to CNN, Dollywood is known for caring about its 11,000 employees that work at 24 amusement parks and attractions.

Before the tuition benefit became a reality, employees already received access to the Dollywood Family Healthcare Center and, not to mention, free meals during every work shift. Employees were also offered apprenticeship and leadership training programs.