NBA 2K announced Wednesday that it will be adding new celebrity cards to the MyTeam mode.

What’s happening: NBA 2K gamers can now compete on the court with celebrity players, most of whom have had experience in the NBA’s celebrity game, which takes place during All-Star Weekend.

Who’s in 2K now?: The newly-available players include:

  • Ronnie 2K, a spokesperson and media representative for NBA 2K.
  • The Game, a rapper and notable 2K player.
  • Quavo, rapper from the group Migos, who has competed in the aforementioned celebrity game.

What they’re saying: “Celebs playable by fans for first time in NBA 2K since 2K13! And you can finally dunk on me anytime you want. A dream come true! My very own @NBA2K_MyTEAM card!” Ronnie 2K said in a tweet.

Why this matters: This is the first time since 2013 that celebrity cards have made their way into the MyTeam mode. This has a lot of potentials for future celebrities to be added into the game.

  • It opens the door for other celebrities who competed in the NBA’s celebrity game to make their way into the MyTeam mode.
  • It also shows that MyTeam is no longer about former and past NBA players. This could lead to WNBA players being added into MyTeam down the road.
  • You could also add NBA 2K content creators and NBA 2K League players into the mode.