It’s a story right out of Disneyland … or Instagram.

Or both, really.

Either way, 22-year-old California native Anyssa Martinez has her own cutesy Disney story to tell.

Martinez told Insider that she met her now-boyfriend Nathan Hatton in early 2020 through Instagram, bonding over their love of Disney.

“I showed up on his Instagram Explore page one day, and we ended up following each other,” she told Insider. “He posted something about the new ‘Star Wars’ park, I responded to his Story, and we just kept talking. We completely hit it off.”

Their story begins before that, though.

How did these Disney fans first meet?

Martinez, who told Insider her family takes Disney visits each year and loves the Main Street Electrical Parade, said she visited the park in 2019 and attended a late-night parade. 

During the Cinderella-themed portion of the parade, a carriage driver tipped his hat and waved while smiling at Martinez, a moment she captured on video. “I was really surprised that someone performing in that part of the parade noticed me, especially with it being so dark. It just made me feel really special,” she told Insider.

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Later, when she was looking through old Disneyland videos during the early days of the pandemic, she recognized someone familiar from that night's performance of the Main Street Electrical Parade.

“I was watching the videos I had taken in 2019, and I was like, ‘Hey that looks like Nathan. I think that’s him,’” she told Insider. “I sent it to him and he said, ‘Yeah that’s definitely me!’ It was fate.”

Why has this Disneyland love story gained popularity?

On March 15, Martinez shared a video to TikTok of that moment when she first interacted with her boyfriend with the caption, “When I tell you I almost died of excitement that day.”

The video has more than 135,000 views, according to Insider, and has more than 32,000 likes.


When I tell you I almost died of excitement that day 😂😂😂

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Since then, the pair have shared their story again through another video on TikTok, adding further details to a love story made for Disney.


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“My boyfriend only moved here a few years ago specifically to work for Disney, so it’s really the reason we’re together,” she told Insider. “Now we both love going to the parks and seeing Disney movies together. We’re actually going to watch the Electrical Parade together when it comes back next month.”