Last night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” on Bravo begins with Angie Katsanevas in her impossibly white kitchen, preparing party invitations nestled in Easter baskets for the other Housewives, minus Meredith. Their feud is ongoing.

Angie has hired someone to dress as an Easter bunny and deliver the baskets to all the other housewives, minus Meredith. Who has she hired? It’s never revealed. Could be a friend. Could be a family member. Could be a random stranger she found on KSL classifieds.

Whoever it is, they do an A+ job startling the Housewives by bombarding them on walks, showing up at their door, and even sitting in the back of Heather Gay’s car until she notices and screams.

Next, we find Whitney Rose and her husband, Justin, at Urban Hill, one of Salt Lake City’s newest and hottest restaurants. They order filets and discuss the state of their marriage, which I have no problem with, but they do it just a few inches away from patrons at other tables and it would be tough for me not to eavesdrop if I was one of those other patrons.

Then again, they are having this conversation in front of a camera crew for a show with millions of viewers, so they’re probably not too concerned about who might hear them say they’re in an adjustment phase, with Justin going back to work, and need to work on their communication.

Lisa Barlow meets Angie at The Wick Lab where they make custom candles. One of the employees just happens to recognize Lisa (sure) as Jack’s mom, and Lisa asks her if she knew Jack was going on a mission. She did. Before Lisa. Which Lisa doesn’t love.

Angie and Lisa share their distrust of Meredith and also of Monica Garcia, who actually vocalized the rumor Meredith is allegedly spreading. “What she did to you was mean. She was not your friend,” Lisa says with all the conviction of a seventh grade girl who’s jealous that her friend is wearing a friendship bracelet given to her by someone else.

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Then we find Mary Cosby in her house, the strangest house on television. It’s castle-esque and has green carpet, and her closet is an entire bedroom full of designer goods draped on mannequins. She could turn a profit by turning it into a haunted attraction during October, and she wouldn’t have to change a thing.

Mary is confronting her son, Robert Junior, about the rumors that he’s married. “I mean, kind of, yeah,” he says. Turns out, he and his girlfriend, who live in Mary’s house (but in different wings, Mary explains) snuck out to the courthouse and got married.

Heather is also talking with her child — her oldest daughter, Ashley. They’re talking via FaceTime because Ashley lives in California, where she goes to school. Heather brings up Jack Barlow’s mission because Heather has strangely decided to make that her whole storyline. And that bums me out.

Meredith shows up at Mary’s house for a charcuterie snack and chat. Meredith tells Mary that she would never comment on someone’s sexuality, refuting the allegations that she has spread the rumor about Angie’s husband’s alleged affairs. She has heard the rumor, she says, but never spread them. Mary asks if Meredith had an encounter with a man-sized Easter bunny. Meredith puts two and two together and realizes she’s been snubbed, but says she doesn’t care because she’s headed to LA for the GLAAD awards. If Meredith isn’t going, Mary isn’t going, Mary says.

Outside the Katsanevas home, a lamb carcass turns on a spit over the fire as Angie makes final preparations for her guests to arrive. As she straightens tablecloths, she receives a call from Mary, who says she has to go to Vegas to check on her home that flooded a year ago. Mary is not great at coming up with believable excuses.

Angie’s priest, Father George, arrives, as does her father, Louie, and her Aunt Rita. “Christos Anesti,” they say to greet one other. The other Housewives attempt the greeting as they arrive with their families in their Easter Sunday best. Monica brings her mother, Linda, who immediately starts to flirt with Angie's widower father, and the regret on Monica’s face is instant.

Angie gives a speech about the miracle of the resurrection that can also be read as a statement about her latest interactions with her castmates. Specifically the line about rising above. Then Father George blesses the food, and everyone digs in. The food looks incredible. Just the sight of it makes me hungry.

The women sit together and Angie tells Lisa she intends to confront Monica. At an Easter lunch. In front of everyone’s children.

At the line for food, Heather asks Lisa about Lisa’s meltdown last week over Heather never being there for her. Inevitably, the conversation turns to Jack’s mission and how Lisa has not read Heather’s book. As someone who writes A LOT, I sympathize with Heather’s dismay that those closest to her, or at least pretending to be close to her on the show, have not read what she wrote, but it’s something every writer has to get over. You think James Joyce was showing up to lunches demanding to know why his friends hadn’t read “Finnegans Wake”? No. He knew that was an unreasonable expectation and also that that book is pretty impossible to get through.

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In another corner of the room, Angie has cornered Monica and asked her why she vocalized the rumor, and Monica’s defense is that she told Angie because she thought Angie should know. Angie rejects that answer and the volume of their conversation begins to rise, and Linda decides it’s her time to shine. She pulls up a chair next to the two women and tells them to bury the hatchet because I guess she’s never seen the show? Angie concludes this is not the day to have this conversation, which is weird because she brought it up, then walks away leaving Monica arguing with her mother.

Linda tells her to “stop it,” at which point Monica yells, “Tell her to stop it,” gesturing at Angie, and walks away. Monica’s mother apologizes to Angie and Shawn and then says loudly, “Can we have some fun? I’m ready to have some fun!”

As the other guests dance in the center of the room, Monica’s mother tries to talk to Monica, who is in no mood to have a warm mother-daughter moment. “You were shouting at a family gathering,” Linda says, so she for sure hasn’t seen the show. Monica tells her to find her own ride home, gathers her daughters, and leaves.

“All I want is a different relationship with my mom, and I know that’s never going to happen,” Monica says in her confessional. And I think that’s true. So long as there are cameras on, that’s never going to happen.

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