Shaun Weiss, best known for his acting in “Mighty Ducks” and “Boy Meets World,” took on an especially meaningful role in the film “Jesus Revolution.” He played the role of a Vietnam vet who struggled with addiction, but was changed by finding the Christian community in the film.

This was his first role in 15 years, according to Relevant Magazine. Weiss took a hiatus from acting as he struggled with addiction, which led to a couple different arrests. Weiss has said that being a childhood star contributed to his addiction.

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“Things were a lot more exciting for me than the average 13-year-old — taking trips and flying to places and being in movies. So I was very addicted to the excitement of things. And when that went away, I didn’t really know how to get that feeling,” he said in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment.

Weiss opened up to Yahoo Entertainment about how the death of his father and his inability to afford a place to live exacerbated his addiction. He said that during his addiction, he felt “hopeless,” but being arrested for burglary led to Weiss becoming clean and sober. He graduated from drug court.

There were little moments that Weiss said gave him some hope. During his time in jail, a deputy told him that the “Mighty Ducks” were supporting him. “I was dope sick, sitting in a cell and that was the little flicker of light for me, knowing that there’s people out there that care,” he said. Then, Weiss said he felt motivated to recover.

Now he has been sober for three years and took a role acting in “Jesus Revolution.”

“Jesus Revolution” is about a pastor named Chuck Smith (Kelsey Grammar) who teams up with a hippie, Lonnie Frisbee (Jonathan Roumie — the actor who portrays Jesus in “The Chosen”), to start a movement to convert hippies to Christianity.“ The film was released in theaters on Feb. 24.

It wasn’t by mistake that Weiss got his role.

An executive at Lionsgate had been keeping up with Weiss, according to MovieMaker. The executive contacted the “Jesus Revolution” production team when Weiss was in recovery and said, “Shaun’s getting back on his feet. Is there any role for him? Even if it’s just a line or two. Lionsgate will cover his expenses and it won’t even come out of your budget.”

Weiss accepted the role, which was written specifically for him. Reportedly, Weiss was talking with the real Greg Laurie while on set. Weiss was so moved that he ended up getting baptized on set at Pirates Cove. The production company didn’t know that it was happening at the time. Weiss confirmed the baptism with The Christian Post.

What’s next for Shaun Weiss?

The star now has a website that hints at a stand-up comedy tour. On his website, it says “The Mighty Weiss Comedy Tour 2023” with dates coming soon.