As filming for “The Chosen” Season 4 is underway, the show has posted a couple videos which give a glimpse into filming — and news broke that Lionsgate recently acquired the distribution rights for the series.

Here’s a look into four different glimpses into Season 4 as well as more information on Lionsgate acquiring the show’s distribution rights and what that means for the show’s relationship with Angel Studios.

‘The Chosen’ Season 4 filming

“The Chosen” posted a video of a set tour for Season 4. The creators showed the set while the crew was “dressing” the set, which means preparing the set for filming with all the necessary props and furniture. The video also included the part of the set which compromises Simon and Eden’s house fully dressed.

“The Chosen” also released a video on the first day of filming Season 4. Show creator Dallas Jenkins said, “I do believe that Season 4 is not going to be quite as complicated: walking on water, the feeding of the 5,000, this season is not as complex. Now it’s just as intense and significant and the storylines are very, very emotional.”

Season 4 will feature the death of John the Baptist, which cast members said was a particularly emotional part of the show. The same part of the set that was used for Eden’s mikvah (a bath for ritual immersion) is where the death of John the Baptist takes place.

“Season 4, I think, so far is going to be our most emotionally challenging season,” Jenkins said. “There was the year of preparation, the year of population is happening and he’s increasing in popularity. Season 4 is where it starts to turn.”

Another video from Season 4 includes the actors who play Gaius, Atticus and Quintus in the series. Gaius, played by Kirk B. R. Woller, said Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount “is really making me consider my beliefs.” The teaser foreshadows more conflict and tension between Roman authorities as well as Atticus seeing the miracle of Jesus walking on water and trying to work out how it could have happened.

This fourth season filming recap opens up with one of the disciples doing laundry. Luke Dimyan. who plays Judas. said working with Jenkins on his character has helped him envision his character as “Sir Lancelot to Jesus’ King Arthur.” Throughout the series, Dimyan said Judas forgets the spiritual kingdom and focuses on the physical kingdom.

The first night shot of the series is also teased. It took them two nights to film a scene which shows Jesus’ disciples arguing with each other around the fire and as the cast discovered in Texas, some creatures stay awake at night.

The fifth season filming recap takes place during what a member of the production called “stunt week.” Jonathan Roumie who plays Jesus is shown carrying a container of “mud,” which assistant props master Arielle Wing said was made from peanut butter powder. The cast and crew is also filming their “rowdiest crowd scene yet,” per the description in the video.

‘The Chosen’ and Lionsgate deal

The show’s distribution rights were recently acquired by Lionsgate. In a press release sent to the Deseret News, Jenkins said, “Lionsgate is perfect for us. They’re strong and experienced in the areas we’re not, but they also understand what’s unique about us and will protect that.”

Lionsgate President of Worldwide Television Distribution Jim Packer said, “The more I learned about ‘The Chosen,’ the more I wanted to ensure that it is on the best platforms across the globe. ... We’re excited by the opportunity to elevate this incredible property to the next level of worldwide recognition and popularity.”

“The Chosen” still has plans to expand. Over 110 million viewers from 175 countries have watched part of the series, and the Come and See Foundation — which has rights for all activities in the nonprofit sector including licensing rights — is continuing its plans to make the series available in 600 languages.

Angel Studios also clarified its relationship to “The Chosen.”

The Angel Studios’ website said, “Angel Studios has perpetual rights to ‘The Chosen,’ exclusive perpetual rights to ‘The Chosen’ NFTs, and ‘The Chosen’ will always be an Angel Original.” The relationship between Lionsgate and “The Chosen” relates to worldwide sublicensing “outside of the global exclusive release window in the Angel Studios app and ‘The Chosen’ app.”

‘The Chosen’ Season 4 release date

All episodes of Season 4 will release in theaters. 1 through 3 will release on Feb. 1, 4 through 6 on Feb. 15 and 7 and 8 on Feb. 29.

Why cast and crew of ‘The Chosen’ love filming in Utah’s version of the Holy Land

Where is ‘The Chosen’ filmed?

“The Chosen” is filmed in Goshen, Utah, and Midlothian, Texas.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints owns the set in Goshen. Nestled in the desert of the south part of Utah County, Goshen is a small town with a population below 1,000. The Deseret News reported that while the set hasn’t permitted outside organizations to use the set before, “The Chosen” was able to lease the space after conversations with church leaders.

The set is a recreation of the ancient city of Jerusalem. The Jerusalem set “roughly covers the area of a football field or two” and has several buildings designed after ancient buildings, per the Deseret News.

Jonathan Roumie, who plays Jesus, gives two thumbs-up during a pause in filming of “The Chosen” in Goshen, Utah County, on Oct. 19, 2020.
Jonathan Roumie, who plays Jesus, gives two thumbs up during a pause in filming of a faith-based streaming series on the life of Christ called “The Chosen” at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Jerusalem set in Goshen, Utah County, on Monday, Oct. 19, 2020. | Scott G Winterton, Deseret News

Jenkins has praised the set, “That’s the beauty of Goshen. You don’t feel like you’re in the middle of industry. You feel like you’re in God’s country in many ways. I don’t have to walk far to get some alone time and feel like I can connect with God each day.” He’s also called the Beehive State in general, “Chosen country.”

Midlothian, Texas, is home to the other set “The Chosen” uses at Camp Hoblitzelle. Just south of Dallas, Camp Hoblitzelle is owned by the Salvation Army and is used for the scenes that need to mimic the outdoor space of ancient Israel.

How many seasons of ‘The Chosen’ are there?

There are three seasons released and the series is expected to have seven seasons.