It is the end of a season at Netflix. The streaming service is ending its DVD mailing services and letting customers keep the DVDs for free.

“Our goal has always been to provide the best service for our members but as the business continues to shrink that’s going to become increasingly difficult,” explained Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos in a press release.

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According to Forbes, Netflix started as a DVD rental service in 1997. “In 1999, the business model shifted, as subscribers would provide a list of DVDs they’d like to rent and Netflix would ship them out when they became available. Netflix (along with Redbox rental kiosks) had successfully competed with such brick-and-mortar DVD rental retailers as Blockbuster and Hollywood Video,” per Forbes.

How to get free DVDs from Netflix?

According to Forbes, Netflix will ship their last red envelopes on Sept. 29. Afterwards, the subscribers have the option to keep any DVD. “Please enjoy them for as long as you like! If you do choose to return the disc, we will continue to accept returns until October 27, 2023.” Netflix announced last Monday, per Forbes.

The company announced earlier this month that subscribers can opt into getting 10 extra DVDs, chosen by the company (somewhat based on the customer’s queue of desired movies), per The Washington Post. According to Netflix, people who chose to participate will not know if they are getting the extra discs until they arrive in the mail, per the Post.

According to Lifehacker, here’s what to do to opt in getting the DVDs:

  • Login to your Netflix DVD account.
  • Make sure you have at least 10 DVDs on your queue.
  • Existing members already received an email on how to participate, new members can go to for more info.

Today is the last day to change a disk plan or sign up for one, DVD Netflix announced on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

Interesting facts about Netflix DVDs

After 25 years, Netflix is ending Here are a few interesting facts about the service, according to Netflix:

  • Beetlejuice was the first DVD shipped by the service (March 10, 1998).
  • The number of DVDs shipped is over 5.2 billion.
  • The most popular title is “The Blind Side.”
  • The platform supported 20 main genres and 530 sub genres.
  • The platform had 40 million unique subscribers over the years.

Did Netflix DVDs make any money?

According to Forbes, here is a list of Netflix DVD revenue in the last nine years:

  • 2013 — $911 million.
  • 2014 — $765 million.
  • 2015 — $646 million.
  • 2016 — $542 million.
  • 2017 — $450 million.
  • 2018 — $366 million.
  • 2019 — $297 million.
  • 2020 — $239 million.
  • 2021 — $182 million.
  • 2022 — $146 million.