It’s been nearly a year since Lagoon dropped a dramatic teaser announcing Primordial, a “one-of-a-kind interactive coaster” and “ride experience like you have never seen.”

The Facebook video revealed that the ride, which Lagoon said has been seven years in the making, would open during the 2023 season. But the season, which wraps up in late October, is winding down, with park hours now mostly limited to the weekends.

After almost a decade of construction, safety testing and vague updates, the new, interactive roller coaster ride will finally be open to the public. Lagoon revealed Primordial will officially open on Sept. 15 — roughly a month before the Utah amusement park closes for the season.

Here’s a look at the latest on Primordial.

When will Primordial open at Lagoon?

Lagoon will open the “one-of-a-kind,” interactive roller coaster ride to the public on Sept. 15.

Lagoon lovers have persistently commented on the park’s Facebook posts, asking about Primordial’s arrival. In the first week of September alone, the amusement park in Farmington, Utah, has given people the following responses:

  • “We are currently testing with riders and are getting very close! We appreciate your patience.”
  • “We are currently testing with riders! Very soon!”
  • “Thank you for your patience. Primordial is scheduled to open in the 2023 Season. We are getting closer everyday.”

In addition to Primordial’s official opening, Frightmares — Lagoon’s Halloween entertainment — opened Sept. 8 and runs through the end of the season on Oct. 29.

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What we know about the Lagoon ride Primordial

Primordial, which means “existing at or from the beginning of time,” boasts speeds of 40 mph and a 5-minute running time over 84 feet of roller coaster track.

The interactive ride follows a storyline that takes riders on a 3D journey “unlike anything you have ever seen on any attraction before,” according to a Lagoon press release shared with the Deseret News.

In a Facebook post from last November, Lagoon described Primordial as an “incredible state-of-the-art attraction” that involved working “with an international team of designers and manufacturers,” as well as local companies and vendors.

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The ride can reportedly accommodate riders who are at least 3 feet in height. Riders under 4 feet “must be accompanied by a supervising companion,” according to the Facebook post.

When the ride does open, Lagoon will launch an online reservation system in anticipation of hourslong lines, KSL-TV reported.