Religion is at a tipping point. The Deseret News Faith in America Survey, conducted by The Marist College Poll, explores how Americans of different backgrounds do or do not incorporate religion and faith into key aspects of their lives.
See the full survey report.

Yes, organized religion is on the decline. But new research shows faith still plays a powerful, unifying role in American life
Yair Rosenberg is a journalist, not a trained musician, but that’s not stopping him from writing music.
A new survey report from Deseret News and The Marist Poll focuses on the relationship between religion and business.
A Deseret-Marist poll shows that Americans are divided over whether religion should influence professional choices.
The National Day of Prayer is Thursday. Here’s what some Americans will be praying about.
Did God inspire the Constitution? Here’s what Americans believe, according to two recent surveys.
A new Deseret-Marist poll shows that Americans favor allowing people to wear religious symbols like cross necklaces in public.
New research shows that a tremendous majority of Americans agree that it’s necessary to follow the golden rule.
The decline in religious belief and practice among young adults is an oncoming train for which we ‘are not remotely prepared.’
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