Extensive flooding in western Europe has devastated communities in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland, causing many deaths and damage.

What’s happened?

Nearly 200 people have reportedly died in Germany and Belgium, according to CNN, and thousands are missing in the region’s worst flooding in a century.

Massive floods in Europe have caused destruction across 5 countries

Members and congregations of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are among those affected by the disaster, and the church is encouraging Latter-day Saints to serve those in need, a news release said Sunday.

Christian Ottiker, welfare and self-reliance manager for the church’s Europe Area, said his department is coordinating with local congregations, relief organizations and authorities to identify the most urgent needs.

“Our hearts and prayers are with those who are suffering,” said Ottiker in the news release.

How can you help?

The church is encouraging members to support local efforts to provide relief to flood victims by contacting their own county administration or reputable charities to offer assistance.

People may also donate to the church’s humanitarian fund.

Church’s COVID-19 relief now the largest humanitarian aid project in its history