Easter egg prices are expected to rise this year due to a number of factors, including inflation and the recent bird flu outbreaks.

The news: Egg prices often rise during March and April due to the increased demand for Easter and Passover.

Yes, but: Egg prices still aren’t at March 2020 levels when the beginning of the pandemic led to an all-time high for a carton of eggs ($3.07 a dozen), according to USA Today.

The bigger picture: Egg prices are surging, in part, due to inflation, which seems to be the story for a number of price hikes in 2022.

  • But the recent avian influenza outbreak across multiple farms has led to lower supply, which has increased the price.

Details: The bird flu is a major virus that’s been running through the bird population in the U.S. When a flock is infected with the virus, the birds will be culled in order to slow the spread.

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The bottom line: Several outbreaks are leading to more culled bird flocks, which is hurting the supply of eggs, leading to increased prices.

Of note: There is currently no indication that the bird flu is spreading to humans, according to NBC News