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Utah, Idaho see hopeful numbers on the horizon, but hospitals still strained with COVID-19

What kind of person uses Tinder to find a plus one to take to a wedding?

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Why Sen. Joe Manchin wants to change the rules on who gets a child tax credit

The West Virginia Democrat wants an income limit, employment requirement before he will vote for the benefit in Biden’s proposal.

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Is there hope for the family after the pandemic? Or will the battle of the sexes rage on?

There will be no lasting solution until we figure out models of manhood and womanhood that can once again successfully unite.

One month in, Utah ‘feels like home’ for state’s first Afghan refugee

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What being rich, religious or Republican has to do with getting married

With fertility at an all-time low and the share of never-marrieds rising, who’s most likely to get married and start a family?

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The ethics of sharing your children on social media

Many parents create a digital footprint for their children from the first post of their baby’s ultrasound.

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More schools are offering mental health days. Is that a good thing?

The list of state legislatures greenlighting a day to decompress has grown, to cheers from students and mental health experts.

The pandemic hasn’t broken families, but it has shaken up their lives

Bills, thrills and savings accounts: Where was all that stimulus money spent?

Maybe it’s the stimulus checks, but Americans like the government more these days

What keeps American families awake at night? The answer depends on party affiliation

When it comes to marriage, do younger Americans have commitment issues?

The cost of the pandemic for American families

When it comes to ideas about race, the biggest gap isn’t between whites and non-whites

Should American families get a monthly allowance?

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Men did more housework during the pandemic. Will it last?

Men did step up in doing chores and child care during the pandemic. But will that change turn into a trend?

Perspective: What does testosterone have to do with culture, love and marriage?

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How the Gabby Petito case could change America’s domestic violence laws

Experts say America’s laws — and those who enforce them — misunderstand the dynamics of abusive relationships.

What’s being done to help human trafficking victims in Utah? This recovery center is seeking donations

I donned LuLaRoe leggings to write this piece

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How parents are (still) balancing homeschool and work

A silver lining of the prolonged pandemic might just be the way it rapidly reprioritized life choices toward the essentials — especially family.

My family was late celebrating this Jewish holiday. Here’s why I’m letting go of my shame

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The ‘parents are miserable’ message turns out to be wrong

Parents used to be the most miserable ones. No more.

Horror movies and marital quality: What one tells you about the other

Everything parents need to know about COVID-19 vaccines for children

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Has welfare reform improved lives?

New study suggests that analyzing consumption tells more than trying to measure incomes.

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Are more Americans going hungry because of the pandemic?

For children, Blacks and some folks in the South, the answer is yes.

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Is more better when it comes to COVID-19 vaccines?

Reports show some folks are making their own rules about COVID vaccination and hoping it won’t cause problems later.

Utah will soon see hundreds of refugees. Is there enough affordable housing?

How Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio want to give new parents paid leave

This New York hospital is going to ‘pause’ delivering babies because of COVID-19

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Why some homeschooling families hit the road during the pandemic

The pandemic revealed what veteran homeschoolers knew all along: There is more than one way to teach a child.

Inside a BYU professor’s push to help a family escape the Taliban 

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Researchers show how being anti-sexist doesn’t mean you’re anti-racist

Researchers tracked attitudes over 40 years on gender and racial equality and say that changing views matter when it comes to supporting policies that combat or reinforce inequality.

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Can teens get a COVID-19 vaccine if their parents say no?

Teens are starting to organize education campaigns, but laws tend to favor parents in health decisions.

Who regulates amusement parks? In some states, it’s the park itself

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The power of praise

BYU researchers found teachers who employ a simple strategy see far less disruption — and kids get better grades.

How the ‘social safety net’ in a $3.5 trillion budget plan might impact families

Does your DNA explain how you parent?

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Do parents prefer remote or in-office work?

The pandemic let families test-drive flexibility and now they want employers to pay attention.

A feminist battle cry for some good ol’ fashioned gender roles

Congress, pediatricians and parents ask: When can we expect COVID-19 vaccination for kids?

This animated series was created to prevent suicide

Republicans’ crusade against the ‘childless left’ is not a ploy. We fight for our kids

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Pediatrics group says COVID-19 made this health problem worse

The American Academy of Pediatrics says doctors need to screen for a different set of symptoms associated with the coronavirus: mental and behavioral health problems.

No, we absolutely do not need a ‘kids menu’ for porn

What’s in the Democrats’ budget proposal that could help your family?