The University of Utah is offering free, weekly asymptomatic testing for COVID-19 to family and household members of its students, faculty and staff. The testing effort aims to stem the spread of the virus, particularly among vulnerable populations.
Look for the good. Build upon the good. You don’t have to look far
We convened some of the nation’s leading writers, politicians, religious leaders and thinkers to find specific pathways to common ground.
Government is not going to solve all our problems, government’s not supposed to, and maybe we’ve gotten to this point by thinking the government, and our politics, whether we’re on the left or the right, is going to solve these problems that divide us
All that immigrants have brought through the generations from other parts of the world are what makes us most American, unique and exceptional.
Though politics and pandemics may separate us, we can still come together around our love of country and our dedication to universal human rights.
Like poets, then, we need to be clear-eyed, careful and confident, and we also need to get out there and stumble around until we come across the people who can help us, even though we don’t know who they are yet
If children can learn what it means to respect each other at the age of 6, elected officials can too, and it’s about time they remembered the meaning of the word.
Finding common ground with those you disagree with is hard. But during my service in Congress, I saw that it’s possible — even on the big issues
America’s ability to make our diversity a strength is part of what makes us the greatest nation on earth. Our job is to make sure our diversity pulls us together instead of pulling us apart
Discourse that would have been unacceptable not long ago has been normalized. It’s so loud that we’re starting to forget who we are, who we represent and the common ground we share.
When we turn to our shared history as Americans, we encounter stories that can unite our future.
Despite the challenges our nation faced this election season, it is important that we rebuild and unite as Americans; this begins as we reach out to one another and lift those around us.
The Republican senator for Utah reflects on what it will take to heal America’s “social sickness.”