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Even in death, some COVID-19 skeptics pretend they weren’t wrong

More pregnant women are turning to marijuana. Here’s what to blame

WHO warns of new Omicron COVID variant. Here’s everything you need to know

Where are the workers? Thousands haven’t returned to Utah labor force since pandemic

Giving thanks for ‘the fence at the top of the cliff’

Is that runny nose a cold or COVID-19? Better to skip Thanksgiving than risk spreading the virus

Puzzles can help with depression and anxiety

Why Gov. Spencer Cox says all Utahns are at ‘high risk’ for COVID-19 right now

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes tests positive for COVID-19

Want to see the faces fighting climate change? Check out these teenagers in Park City

Why are so many of our pregnant women dying?

Front-line fatigue: Pandemic pressures pouncing on taxed veterinarians

Is there an antidote to help revive the ailing Great Salt Lake?

Flu outbreaks begin. What should we expect this winter?

Utah House Republican leader tests positive for COVID-19

Utah GOP congressmen vote no on $2T Build Back Better plan. One called it a ‘scam’

CDC reveals what was found in those newly discovered smallpox vials

CVS is closing 900 stores. Here’s why.

Can Utah keep up with rising health care costs? A new public-private partnership wants to try

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Drug overdose deaths are rising. What’s the cause?

Experts say people increasingly don’t know what’s in the drugs they’re taking. This trend is contributing to a surge in overdose deaths.

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Is there a cure for Alzheimer’s? Not yet, but a new study is offering hope

This new study is the first hint that a vaccine for Alzheimer’s might be possible.

All adults in Utah now eligible for COVID-19 vaccine booster shots

Transgender sports debate over high school athletes has resurfaced in Utah. Here’s what lawmakers might do

Atrial fibrillation boosts risk of complications, death from COVID-19, study finds

Why the CDC is investigating a massive, unusual flu outbreak

Someone found vials labeled ‘smallpox’ at a Merck facility. Here’s why that matters

A new monkeypox virus infection has been confirmed in the U.S.

What is the FAUCI Act? Why it’s a jab at nation’s top infectious disease doctor

Utah reports 1,238 new COVID-19 cases, 13 deaths Tuesday

New vaccine mandate lawsuit claims Biden administration is coercing health care workers to get the shot

Study finds ‘very concerning’ rates of depression in Utah as COVID-19 rages on

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How Navajo culture helped these communities beat back COVID

How did the Navajo Nation go from being one of the hardest-hit communities in the country to offering a model for how to control the spread of COVID-19, while protecting vulnerable populations?

Jobs vs. jabs: Federal court upholds stay on Biden’s ‘sledgehammer’ vaccine mandate

Utah ‘not in a good place’ as COVID-19 cases remain among the nation’s highest

BYU researchers tried to revolutionize cellphones. They helped fixed spines instead

What kids say about getting the COVID-19 vaccine

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Idaho COVID-19 cases ‘bonkers,’ Utah governor says, but it’s Utah that’s a hot spot

Religious groups say implementing Biden’s vaccine mandate would be ‘sin against God’s Holy Word’

Mountain West states make up nation’s largest COVID-19 hot spot

Utah House approves new congressional map. Here’s why Gov. Spencer Cox says he likely won’t veto

Does daylight saving time lead to SAD?

Should people who’ve had COVID-19 get credit for ‘natural immunity’ if they don’t want the vaccine?

Should Utah cut taxes? Please don’t, advocacy groups tell lawmakers

A federal court stayed President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate. What happens next?

Front-line fatigue: Pharmacists hit with overwhelming workload, shortages and sometimes an angry public

Second pill to treat COVID-19 announced. Here’s what you need to know

Utah among states challenging President Biden’s vaccine mandate in court

Helping schools tackle teen suicide rates: How a new tool works