For the second year in a row, the Riverton Silverwolves can call themselves region champions. On a night that they won’t soon forget, the Silverwolves came away with a crisp and convincing win against the titans that are the Bingham Miners by a score of 28-17.

Riverton quarterback Colby Barton threw for three touchdowns to three different receivers. Wideout Josh Jacobson contributed to the victory by scoring twice, once by being on the receiving end of a Barton throw and also scoring by rushing into the end zone.

It was a slow start for Riverton, however, falling behind 10-0 midway through the first quarter.

“Our defense was getting pounded at first, but they just toughened up and played a great game. The kids just went out with the belief, and they wanted it. They went out there knowing that if we won, we would be region champs. I’ve pushed these kids super-duper hard, and they’ve responded every single time,” said Riverton head coach Jody Morgan.

Things didn’t pick up for the Silverwolves until the beginning of the second quarter when Barton threw for his first score, finding receiver Logan Dunfield on 17-yard pass.

Jacobsen then gave Riverton the lead soon after that when he found himself sprinting 24 yards into the end zone.

Bingham reclaimed the lead heading into halftime with a Dallen Martinez quarterback keeper, making it a 17-14 Miners lead heading into the break.

“We just told the guys that we gotta keep on hitting the tree. Keep on chopping and it will eventually fall down,” Morgan said. “They didn’t necessarily fall down, but we put them in a situation where they couldn’t do what they wanted to do. Things went our way, and it was just a night for the Wolves.”

Those would turn out to be the last points that Bingham would score. Riverton’s defense toughened up and got the better of the sluggish Bingham offense.

A 14-yard Barton touchdown throw to Jacobson followed by a 26 yard Luke Perry touchdown catch solidified the victory and the celebration began on the field.

Morgan could not hold back his thrill and excitement on the victory, letting his players know how proud he was of them.

“This is awesome. We’re looking at a seven-win season and with this game last year I’ll be honest, we fell short,” Morgan said. “We acted like we were satisfied, and they just need to understand that we can play with people of Bingham’s caliber, but it is going to have to take that focus, attention and belief on the sideline and hopefully we get lucky.”