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Abandoned U.S. allies in Afghanistan detail heartbreaking stories

Is the Biden administration getting a pass because of Trump hate?

The world’s largest and possibly oldest living organism resides in Utah

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Pediatrics group says COVID-19 made this health problem worse

The American Academy of Pediatrics says doctors need to screen for a different set of symptoms associated with the coronavirus: mental and behavioral health problems.

Your wallet could be the next casualty in the COVID-19 vaccine battle

Do Republican leaders care about climate change? The answer is increasingly ‘yes’

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John Sullivan: Antifa, journalist or criminal? The story of the man who filmed Ashli Babbitt’s death

John Sullivan, a self-proclaimed "journalist-slash-activist," recorded 39 minutes of the Capitol attack on Jan. 6. It may get him sent to prison.

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Do you really need that Cinnabon? Airports are set up to make you think so

Our personal indulgences at the airport aren’t a secret. They’re a design.

More than half of white evangelicals now accept the vaccine. What changed?

How the U.S. can protest the Beijing Olympics without boycotting the Games

Does it help or hurt animals when humans get up close and personal?

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Wedding bells are ringing again, but divorces may be on the rise, too

Data suggests marriages may rise dramatically — for a little while. But what’s happening long-term?

Witness the unmitigated patriotism of this U.S. Olympic gold medalist

The political stakes of school mask mandates

How this South Texas nun made her mark on the world

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Should vaccine mandates include religious exemptions?

A recent court ruling will likely make it easier for people of faith to challenge vaccine mandates that don’t offer religious exemptions.

In conference realignment, academics — not athletics — are king

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Why the COVID-19 debate has everything to do with politics, and nothing to do with health

The national conversation about the coronavirus shot seems to touch on everything but health.

Glenn Beck and Mike Lee faced off in Utah’s most patriotic ice cream eating contest

Mitt Romney is a pragmatic politician

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Will the last public intellectual in America please turn out the lights?

An elegy for a shrinking class of thinkers.

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Why the eviction moratorium isn’t the answer to a housing crisis that’s hurting kids

What happens to kids in eviction ban — and why is rental aid so slow?

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A pandemic, a court ruling and a fancy dinner: A look at California’s wild recall election

Republican voters are more likely to go to the polls than Democrats to choose among 46 candidates vying to topple Democratic incumbent Gov. Gavin Newsom and take over the governor’s mansion for just one year before the next election.

Did liberal justices pave the way for the conservative Supreme Court majority?

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Family, identity and one of the longest manhunts in U.S. history

Fifty years ago, a police shooting set in motion a decades-long chase across the American West.

The awful regrets of COVID-19 vaccination skeptics

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How Border Patrol chaplains bring peace to a job of conflict

The Border Patrol chaplaincy program emerged in the late 1990s after the agency experienced an unprecedented number of line-of-duty deaths. It remains a critical service for an agency that has the highest rate of suicide in law enforcement.

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Do conservative voices have anything to do with the low Olympic ratings?

Like everything else, there’s a partisan divide over the Tokyo Games.

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The newest door-to-door salesmen: ‘Vaccine missionaries’

The Biden administration is encouraging door-to-door outreach to educate about the COVID vaccine. ‘Faith-based approaches’ may be more effective, poll says.

Getting Americans to mask-up again may be the toughest COVID-19 battle yet

Mitt Romney’s infrastructure bill would help drought-stricken Utah

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COVID-19 scams have already cost consumers around $500 million. What’s the government doing to help?

Consumer Federation of America survey says pandemic-related complaints are among the worst, the newest and fastest-growing.

Opinion: Utah won’t become truly welcoming until people understand the meanings of these words

In the debate over sports uniforms, have we finally hit bikini bottom?

BYU Law deans respond to ‘venomous and hateful’ #DezNat Twitter account

How China became politicians’ favorite foreign threat

Did pandemic government aid create a baby bump?

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Why cancel culture hits regular people harder than celebrities

Bill O’Reilly is on the bestseller list and Jeffrey Toobin is back on CNN. Ordinary Americans and small businesses confronted with cancel culture don’t rebound as quickly.

Why faith leaders want to make it easier to become a U.S. citizen

How we can prevent kids from dying in hot cars

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Is the Olympics about patriotism or just a chance to compete?

The Games bring national pride to the countries they represent, but for some athletes, it’s just a chance to compete.

The Republican approach to the 2020 election is becoming increasingly untenable

BYU graduate, Alaska prosecutor under investigation for anonymous #DezNat account

Is racism a public health crisis? This capital city thinks so

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Past astronauts praised God. Jeff Bezos’ team threw Skittles

A few key emotions did seem to be missing. The Amazon founder and his team showed no sense of reverence, solemnity or awe, let alone recognition of anything providential.

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Working remotely ... wherever you park

Inside the freewheeling life of the digital nomad.

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The future of online and in-person worship

These two congregations went virtual during the pandemic and neither pastor wants to go back. Do American faith congregations need church buildings to build church communities?

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There was a giant jump in U.S. overdose drug deaths in 2020. Is the pandemic to blame?

CDC says COVID-19 may have contributed to the nearly 30% increase, but numbers have been climbing for years.