Latter-day Saints

The first day of the 193rd Semiannual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is complete.
Tithing 10% of one’s income is a way to put God ahead of yourself, Elder Neil L. Andersen said.
Latter-day Saints were encouraged to nourish their souls daily with faith and hope in Jesus Christ.
That growth — Utah’s 28 temples operating, under construction or under renovation — is representative of the Church’s rapid increase in temples worldwide
President Russell M. Nelson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints suffered a fall two days after his 99th birthday.
A chronological list of some of the many announcements and changes that have happened in the church since January 2018.
Joseph Smith left behind a legacy of defending religious freedom. Smith’s quotes on religious freedom can be found in the Joseph Smith Papers, which released its final volume on June 27
Parley P. Pratt is credited with writing one of the earliest works of Latter-day Saint fiction
From performing in front of politicians to landing a spot in ‘The Chosen’ special, the Bonner Family is using gospel music to change the world.
Richard Bushman said he finds no contradiction between faith and scholarship.
Going door to door helped this director have conversations that prepared him to be a filmmaker.
There ought to be more talk about the complex, arduous and ultimately redemptive work church funds make possible at the congregation level.
The Joseph Smith Papers is complete and has a lot of information about the Nauvoo Relief Society.
Here are 9 facts about and 9 quotes from President Nelson to commemorate his 99th birthday.
The Cougars have 10 players who served missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Contempt has replaced disagreement in politics. Latter-day Saints are uniquely situated to heal the divide.
Poland has the highest rate of weekly attendance out of any U.S. state or European country
How many Latter-day Saint temples are there? Which are operating and which are under renovation? See our list.
Featuring more glass than the original structure and a golden spire that makes it stand out against other buildings on the street, the temple renovation is expected to start in 2024.
By bringing people of diverse economic situations together, churches with assigned boundaries can bridge societal divides.
An analysis of recent census data confirms Utah has the lowest inequality score of any state in the nation.
BYU Law graduate Seng Mai Aung opened up about experiencing religious persecution in Myanmar.
The Apostle delivered the keynote address to a capacity crowd for BYU Education Week on Tuesday, Aug. 22
On Monday, the BYU football program issued a plea asking television announcers and sports reporters not to use the term.
Russell Moore published an article in Christianity Today meditating on the merits of Latter-day Saint missions
The dedication leads a wave of temple growth, with the church having 10 more temples under construction in Utah.
“The more generous religious freedom laws are, the more broadly religion is empowered to perform good works,” he said.
Efforts to improve relationships can pay dividends in the broader society. Just look at Utah.
The church will roll out no-cost magazine subscriptions for church members over the next six months.
Sister Patricia Holland, wife of Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, left a legacy of love and compassion.
In a world increasingly hostile to faith, the work of modern-day apologists is important.
Listening may seem at odds with persuasion, but it’s a necessary first step.
“Sister Patricia Holland is exactly what a celestial woman looks like,” President Russell M. Nelson said.
Announced temples include those awaiting the initial stages of construction. Some have released renderings and expected dates. See the list.
While celebrating Pioneer Day, don’t forget contemporary pioneers seeking refuge in America today.
Kenneth Rooks should be a household name for the lessons he taught with his actions.
Americans can find “inspired solutions” to polarizing problems.
The arrival of Latter-day Saints helped lay the foundation for the 48th state, and their presence continues to help Arizona thrive today.
A mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, she is remembered for her love of the gospel of Jesus Christ.