On Thursday, the New York Post posted a picture on X of a woman who climbed into an overhead bin to take a nap. The passengers were described as feeling “baffled” as they watched the seemingly unconcerned passenger make herself comfortable.

While climbing into overhead bins is certainly unusual, feeling exhausted on planes is not. If you always seem to find yourself disembarking a plane feeling extra fatigued, have no fear.

There are ways to stay well-rested even on the longest of journeys — without leaving your seat.

How to get the best sleep on a plane

  • Pass up the caffeine. According to Travel + Leisure, drinking soda on a flight contributes to both jet lag and dehydration. Plus, fizzy drinks can make you feel bloated, which contributes to in-flight discomfort.
  • Book a window seat. If you can, try and sit in a window seat. You can rest your head against the wall of the plane as you doze and have a great view waiting for you when you wake up.
  • Wear layers. Even the slightest chill in an airplane cabin can prevent you from sleeping. That is why wearing light layers — and bringing a small blanket on longer flights — can increase comfort and feelings of security.
  • Tune out the noise. Bring a set of headphones, or better yet, noise-canceling headphones, to block out the sounds of passengers around you.

Products to try

  • Invest in a neck pillow. No matter how long you rest, it’s important to provide your neck with comfort. This Napfun Neck Pillow is customizable, made from memory foam and comes in a variety of colors. Find it on Amazon for $14.96.
  • Buy compression socks. Compression socks help with blood circulation while flying, preventing swelling, blood clots and discomfort. These Charmking compression socks are one option. Find them for $13.99 on Amazon.
  • Consider a foot hammock. Foot hammocks can be attached to the bottom of the seat in front of you, providing your feet with elevation and added support for your lower back. This could be a great option for travelers seeking to stretch their legs a little. Find one for $14.99 on Amazon.
  • Try a sleep mask. Not all sleep masks are created equal, so finding one that effectively blocks out light and doesn’t smudge makeup is important. Try the Bucky 40 Blinks No Pressure Printed Eye Mask on Amazon for $15.99. This particular mask is contoured, allowing you to blink freely without putting pressure on your eyes.