A windsurfer stranded on a beach in Santa Cruz County in California was rescued after signaling for help by arranging rocks to spell out “HELP.”

The rescue, captured in a video by Cal Fire Unit and posted on X, shows the remote section of the beach where the surfer became stranded due to strong winds and surrounding tall cliffs.

“A kite surfer was rescued off a beach south of Davenport Landing after being stranded. He used rocks on the beach to spell out the word ‘HELP,’” read the caption accompanying the video.

According to NBC Bay Area, the windsurfer was uninjured when he was rescued.

Despite being an experienced surfer, he told rescuers that strong winds dragged him along the coastline, trapping him in the isolated area.

“It is an extremely beautiful place to work and live,” Cal Fire Capt. Skylar Merritt told NBC Bay Area. “That being said, it can lull people into a false sense of security around those cliffs. Those beaches are notorious for strong winds, rip tides and cold water.”

Cal Fire said a private helicopter passing by spotted the distress signal and called for help.

“This person was definitely lucky that that person saw him,” Merritt said. “It’s no excuse not to have a plan where you communicate with your family, your friends.”

The surfer was stranded for only a few hours. The quick response of rescuers reduced his risk of hypothermia and dehydration.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the rescue team opted to airlift the surfer from the beach because of the rising tide and surf conditions. They lifted him from the beach to the cliffs above, where support teams waited.

“It turned out well and we’re really lucky we have all our partnering agencies that made it such a quick, successful operation,” Merritt told the Los Angeles Times.