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A journalist and historian of the right looks at the fate of the American conservative.
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Dearfield, Colorado is being rediscovered nearly 100 years later to better understand the community and its residents.
Reza Aslan could make your list of the Top 5 People I Want to Invite to Dinner, but be forewarned, dinner conversation will focus on both politics AND religion.
One year ago, this February, the war in Ukraine started. For millions of families that has meant leaving home to become part of Europe’s largest movement of refugees since World War II.
This winter, many have to choose between food and heating as the war in Ukraine takes its toll.
South Texas was supposed to go red in the 2022 midterm elections. What went wrong?
For the first time since the dawn of the internet, the porn industry is on defense. Here’s how it happened.
A law professor came to realize the principles that undergird her faith could be a viable solution to the troubles of criminal justice.
This phenomenon is not a psychological diagnosis or syndrome but a near-universal experience “to feel like we’re enough.”
How do we keep from undermining one of the longest-standing constitutional democracies in the world?
The fourth-generation naval officer’s journey has included five deployments as well as participating in search and rescue operations, including three that saved lives.
Why gamer culture is still exploding, and what it means for the future.
Will SCOTUS end racial preference in higher ed?