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How judicial activism on the right and left is threatening the Constitution

Judges aren’t supposed to make laws. They settle fights by interpreting them.

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What I’ve learned: Abby Huntsman

The rising media star’s decision to start over offers a lesson in gratitude and growth.

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How highly religious women are redefining feminism

A serious religious commitment seems to more adequately prepare women — and their husbands — to face working motherhood than liberal feminism.

Move over Martha Stewart. Internet tastemakers are breathing new life into family traditions

The Rev. Amos C. Brown: Our history is our present

The case for hard religion

How to lead: BYU’s Mark Pope on calling the shots

The shepherd of Juarez

The Rev. Marian Edmonds-Allen: Finding your place in America

Fabiola Santiago: Our strength is in our diversity

Gabby Giffords: Channeling pain into purpose

Katrina Lantos Swett: Healing our nation through understanding human rights

Jeff Flake: Turn down the volume

David Kirby: Why you should think like a poet

Cindy McCain: Healing starts with respecting others

Sen. Tim Scott: The balm of service

Tom Udall: Friends can disagree

Sen. Mike Lee: The union and the Constitution forever

Gregory Smith: Learning from those who came before

Be the good

Sen. Ben Sasse: Building better communities

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How to heal America’s partisan divide

We convened some of the nation’s leading writers, politicians, religious leaders and thinkers to find specific pathways to common ground.

Sen. Mitt Romney: Calling upon our better angels

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The rehabilitator in chief

Andy Reid was at the lowest point of his life and career when he came to Kansas City. Here’s how the NFL’s most inscrutable figure rose up from multiple tragedies to create something beautiful.