TikTok informs the masses and destigmatizes mental illness, but professionals say it could be the reason that more people are misdiagnosing themselves.
Police raided the suspect’s apartment and found sufficient evidence to charge him with two murders, but his family says he didn’t do it
‘A catalyst is one or two or three athletes saying something about it,’ skier Mikaela Shiffrin said
It’s clear that this Supreme Court will uphold the rule of law and not be swayed by public opinion.
Abortion opponents are celebrating the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade today. But tomorrow, the work starts.
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Brandon Fugal— the real estate tycoon and owner of Skinwalker Ranch— is both familiar and fantastical. He’s shaping the future of the new west.
The West has a troubled history with lakes, development and loss. Our newest dilemma? The largest human-made island project in history.
We don’t know all the facts, but millions of Americans who support Donald Trump will view the raid as politically motivated. And they will vote again for Trump, newly impassioned.
Legal action over puberty blockers prescribed to minors will likely reverberate across the Atlantic.
The second-year quarterback got up limping after scrambling during the first quarter of the Jets’ first preseason game.
Elder David A. Bednar gave CBS Sunday Morning an exclusive preview of the renovated Washington D.C. Temple.
Office of Civil Rights Assistant Secretary Catherine Lhamon reaffirmed in a letter to BYU’s president that BYU is exempt in 15 areas of Title IX.
Respect and cooperation yield the sweet fruit of reconciliation, admiration, service and genuine love, President Nelson says.
Amid another call for a conservative “Twexit,” can we all pause and remember Parler?
Beloved author, teacher and feminist bell hooks, known for her book “Ain’t I A Women,” died at the age of 69.
The bank is now giving these teachers an extra $500 to use for their classrooms
On Saturday, Jake Garn, a former U.S. senator and astronaut, will receive the Sutherland Institute’s New Birth of Freedom Award at the organization’s annual gala.
Coming on the heels of the successes of faith-based films like “God’s Not Dead,” “Miracles From Heaven” and “Heaven Is For Real,” a new movie slated for release later this year will portray Jesus and his disciples like never before.
With Independence Day just around the corner, LifeWay Research asked American pastors how their churches change worship services in honor of the occasion, with a majority of Protestant leaders pointing to changes in the music and content.
Just weeks before the July 6 premiere of the 10th season of “Duck Dynasty,” A&E Networks has released a comical, advice-filled teaser trailer about the importance of building a happy and lasting marriage.
Princess culture may welcome girls into stereotypes that limit their growth and opportunities as they grow up, according to BYU research that also says boys may get a small benefit.
Some are optimistic about an international relief effort. Others are skeptical about its ability to impact the political problems displacing people around the world.
The National Spelling Bee finals wrap up today. Here are the winners and the winning words for the past 10 years.
Mirna Valerio runs marathons. She also weighs about 250 pounds. According to the CDC, that makes the Georgia teacher obese. Can Valerio and others like her be both fat and fit?
The cure to the obesity epidemic, most doctors say, is a nutritious diet and exercise. But many health-care workers say that solution ignores the role of emotional and mental well-being play in maintaining a healthy weight.
Hundreds of authors have signed a petition saying Donald Trump would be bad for America — and the arts. Some are applauding the move, others are saying it’s a missed opportunity.
People are baring their arms and hips to get injections of Vitamin B12, and it may be worth the trouble, but only if you’re in this one group. And pregnant women should monitor their intake, a new study suggests.
Nearly half of heart attacks are undetected, and these “silent” heart attacks are as bad for you as those that are diagnosed. The common ailment some resemble may surprise you, but you might suffer one without any symptoms at all.
With the Summer Olympics approaching, a Canadian scholar is calling for the games to be postponed or moved because of the danger the Zika virus poses in Brazil. These other cities could offer to help.
What a teenager eats now can determine the health of his bones when he retires, which is why families that want to remain active all through their lives should worry about osteoporosis long before it has a chance to develop.
We’ve always been told to eat breakfast like a king and dinner like a pauper. But it turns out that it’s what we eat — not when — that matters.
Girls’ participation in sports declines after puberty, and a new study reveals why: They are uncomfortable with their developing bodies. This piece of clothing can help.
The U.S. dietary guidelines urge us to eat yogurt, but not the kind with 30 grams of sugar and a cookie-crumb topping. The marketing of yogurt explains a lot about the obesity epidemic, and there are some types you should only have for a treat.
Family medicine is on the decline in the U.S., with young doctors choosing lucrative specialties over a practice that pays less and demands longer hours. The trend has troubling implications for families, but there are ways to turn it around.